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Meet The Team

That is right here we are!

It is B.O.G.O.F where we come from, so get to know who you could be meeting on the night!

(Buy One Get One Free, for you eedgits)

Billy Icon v2 (1).png

The Family Bingo Prodigy


Cousin Billy learned bingo from Barry himself when growing up — his first words were "two fat ladies." His mother and aunt weren't happy!
With a knack for making every game a blast, Billy brings boundless energy and humour to each event. Whether calling numbers or engaging the crowd with his quick wit, he ensures everyone has a fantastic time.

brian v2.png

The Camp Cheerleader


Meet Brandon - The fruitiest thing you’ll find at a fruit market! He’s the glamorous assistant that will keep Barry and his balls in check and make sure you win the pot of gold at every game! With his dazzling charm and vibrant personality, Brandon ensures every round is packed with fun and laughter, making your bingo night a hit.

brenda icon v2.png

The Tech Wrangler Extraordinaire


Originally from a farm in Texas, Brenda’s charm and vibrant personality make her a crowd favorite. Whether wrangling tech gear or stealing the spotlight, she can lasso a laugh and host a hilarious bingo night, making every event uniquely enjoyable!


The Former Player turned Pro


Fun fact: Did you know that Barbara, our amazing host, used to be an avid player before joining our team?
She brings her passion for the game to the show, making it an unforgettable experience for our audience!

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