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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we hope to have the answers... 

If we don't then well... good luck! 

or just message us directly to put your mind at ease.

Is Barry's  gambling?

The short answer is – No! This is an interactive gameshow, where you are paying
for a ticket to experience a live stage gameshow and not for a stake in a bingo
game. We do not conduct any games that can be deemed regulated or fair
gaming under gaming laws. We have spoken to the Gambling Commission,
regarding this FAQ!

What are the bonus games?

We have a range of bonus games! Some of them are multi-media based and
some involve audience participation. All the games could have multiple
winners or no winners at all. Some require luck and some require skill!

What do bonus games do?

At Barry’s we have re-invented a normal game of bingo, adding our own spin to
it. This being BONUS GAMES!!!
If you win one of our bonus games, that will happen randomly throughout the
show, you get the chance to cross a number off your ticket to get you closer to
a WIN!! However, the number you choose CANNOT make you win, it can only
get you closer!!

How long does the show run for?

for events we are running a selling tickets for, our events normally last 2-3 hours depending on how quickly bingos are won. This includes plenty of breaks to get more drinks and a bigger interval between the two games of bingo.

For Corporate or Private bookings - This will depend on how many games you are taking part in! One game normally runs 45 minutes – 1 hour including the bonus games!

Does it start on time?

Yes it does. Whether it be the advertised show start time for pubs/venues or
the agreed time for corporate bookings. We recommend getting to the venue early, this is to get your seats and any drinks sorted in time for the show start time.

Do tickets include bingo cards and dabbers?

Yes! Everything you need for an epic time and hopefully a BIG WIN is included
in your ticket price! all you need to do is turn up ready for a buzzin' time!

Do you do corporate gigs and private parties?

Yes, we do, we can travel throughout the UK for your events! Please get in
touch for a quote and a chat about your event –

Do you give away prizes?

Yes of course. Depending on the venue or the event the prizes can vary from
blow up beach balls to bar tabs or just cold hard cash!!! For corporate bookings we can discuss what is is you are looking for prize wise... or just surprise you!

It’s sold out, can I get one more ticket for my friend?

Possibly. We can never promise, but we want to ensure everyone who wants to play gets the chance. Please do email and ask –

I am a wheelchair user – will I be able to get around the venue?

please do get in touch before you arrive and tell us what event and
venue you will be attending so that we can ensure we allocate the best spot
for you and get you all the information you need when visiting that venue –

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